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Civil Works

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Replacement of tiles and marble:

We repair and replace broken/missing tiles and marble floors efficiently and cost-effectively. With our proven and “time-tested” polishing and restoration methods, we can help to enhance the richness of the marble and restores the surface’s texture to its original color and glamour.

Type of service we do:

Polishing/ Grinding:

Process of restoring marble floors with the use of diamond-encrusted pads
Removal of unwanted stains and accumulated scratches, leaving a polished marble surface.

Marble restoration (Epoxy):

Sealing of crack lines which are unpleasant to feel and see
Repair of broken/missing marble slab.


Higher tiered service which allows for top-notched shine in the marble.

Replacement of gypsum board painting:

Our civil works services also include replacing gypsum board painting using the latest equipment and techniques, to ensure safety and efficiency. The gypsum painting experts at MEMC are professionally trained to replace or repair your gypsum boards and refinish the surface with any paint, covering, or specialty finish you desire.

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