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Installation of hot water tank:

At MEMC, we’re the ones to call when your water heater needs care of any kind – from minor tweaks to replacement and installations, we will have your home comfortable again in no time. We have an extensive experience in water tank installation services, we provide our skillful plumbers to install hot water tanks and water preservation systems.

Replacement of water tank:

In addition, we provide our quality services to replace old/defective water tanks and preservation systems in all kinds of buildings. Whether you’ve already bought your new water tank and just need it installed, or you’re looking for help with the whole replacement and buying process, MEMC can guarantee all our customers will be more than happy with what we have to offer.

Solar hot water repair:

We also provide quality services to repair and maintain solar hot water systems, ensuring durability, and cost-effectiveness. We fix systems not working/generating heat, and noisy systems, we also perform periodic antifreeze replacement and solar panel removal and reinstallation.

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