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Electrical Works

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Re-cabling of light installation:

We provide professional electrical workers to perform re-cabling procedures for light and electrical installation. When you need interior lighting installation, repair, or replacement, MEMC professionals will provide you with the highest quality service inside your home or building.

Installation of socket and outlet:

We also provide top-notch socket and outlet installation services to different kinds of buildings and facilities according to each space. MEMC can install electrical switches and outlets to accommodate new appliances or remodeling projects. With modern outlets and electric receptacles providing reliable power, your home/building will be exponentially safer.

Replacement of FACP:

Our electrical services include replacing fire alarm control panels and establishing fire alarm systems with experienced technicians. With every task we achieve we make sure to replace aging outdated FACP and Mass Notifications System, maintain 100% usability of the system while changing the system out, install new components and remove and dispose of old equipment, and train facility supervisors on how to use Mass Notification System.

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